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Nearly 30 years of expertise in higher education member communications.

TGI Direct has provided data, document and delivery solutions to many of the top colleges and universities throughout the United States. Most notably is our experience servicing Alumni Associations — collaborating and producing exceptional products for their members for nearly 30 years.

What do we do for Alumni Associations?

Membership Renewal

We understand that retaining membership is essential to maintaining a strong foundation. It is crucial that your membership renewal programs are targeted, timely and elicit a call to action. TGI Direct will work with you in planning, designing and delivering your renewal communications.

New Member Acquisition

While an existing membership base is the backbone of any Alumni Association, growth and association vitality is achieved though the acquisition of new members and reengaging lapsed members. Let us work with you to develop the strategy, manage the data, create the messaging and execute the plan. We have years of experience plus the technical and production capabilities to handle every step of the project.

Continuity Programs

Good news! You have a solid member base, and you’ve successfully attracted a bunch of new members. So, what’s next? Ongoing communications! Let them know how much you value your relationship, and commit to providing ongoing, meaningful content. TGI can assist in the development and delivery of new member welcome packets, life member packages, new grad (and parents of new grads) mailings, to name just a few. Together we can get really creative!

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