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We are proud of our wide-ranging experience supporting the automotive industry.

While the scope of our services has changed over the decades in response to industry needs, one thing has remained constant: our deep understanding of the automotive landscape. Here is a look at what we’re doing now:

Portal Development

The ClientZone® is our proprietary web portal that is fully customizable, providing rich functionality and reliable reporting. It is designed to automate and coordinate all activities that are integrated into each of our client’s programs. For our automotive clients, the portals are used to track inventory, order parts or supplies, coordinate shipping and manage budgets. The development of the customized portal is the first step in setting up a program which keeps our clients fully informed and in control of their program from start to finish.

Inventory and Fulfillment

Our automotive clients rely heavily on our inventory and fulfillment capabilities to make their programs work seamlessly. Our warehouse facilities in Flint and Ann Arbor are staffed with knowledgeable TGI associates who work tirelessly to ensure the right products are on our shelves and are distributed on time and on budget. Whether it is automotive dealer marketing materials or high-performance racing engine parts, we’ve got it covered. Managed through the customized web portals, our inventory and fulfillment programs operate like a fine-tuned machine.

Dealer and Retail Support

We understand the importance of providing dealers with tools that support all aspects of the automotive buying and servicing experience. Similarly, we know how critical it is that retail establishments have enough product on their shelves at all times. Supporting your dealer and retail programs is what we do – reliably and with unwavering commitment. If you are an OEM looking to create a dealer program that’s managed through your own web portal, we can do it. If you are a supplier and need a partner to manage the ordering and delivery of parts to service departments or retail stores, we do that too.

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