TGI Direct has invested in the people, the processes, the infrastructure, and equipment so that you don’t have to. We help organizations focus on their core competencies by providing a full range of support services in the areas surrounding communications and distribution.

 We support many critical enterprise operations for Clients.  This allows Clients to really focus on their business while taking advantage of our experts, our specialized equipment and processes, and our security systems.  Our responsibilities are varied, and in effect, the sky is the limit.  As examples, our responsibilities range from critical healthcare notifications to managing the entire process for medical products fulfillment including being compliant with applicable FDA and HIPAA regulations and requirements.  Another set of examples ranges from Accounts Payable and Purchasing personnel onsite to providing totally bundled services offsite such as mailrooms, print centers, distribution centers, and tax processing hubs.  

We can integrate with your personnel, providing managed services in your buildings, or we can take on the entire activity in your facility, or ours. We are pleased to help you evaluate your activity, and what makes the most sense for your enterprise.